Sisterly Love

I am fortunate that I am blessed with two sisters.  We don’t always see eye to eye on everything, but we do have each other’s back when necessary.  The sisterly bond is an intriguing one, you can argue about mundane things, have the occasional jealous flare-up, and speak a language that is all your own.  My son recently commented on that at a family gathering.  We were all talking at once, went off on a few different topics, finished each other’s sentences and overall knew exactly what we were talking about.

Think about it, you are the first best friends and rivals you ever meet.  In the case with my sisters, we are well spaced; there is a five-year difference between me and my older sister Lisa and almost 10 between me and my youngest sister Melanie, and I am the middle child.  I always felt bad for my dad as he was outnumbered in an all female household.  We grew up close, and still remain in contact almost daily.

As we get older, and priorities change, the bond is still unbreakable.  A friend recently met the three of us and couldn’t help but draw comparisons.  My youngest is a cross between my older sister and I.  She has dark hair like my older sister, some of her mannerisms, and yet physically has some of my characteristics, and thinks like I do.  We all have different personalities.  The oldest is the soft-spoken mild-mannered one, I can be quiet or very vocal depending on the situation, and then Melanie although the smallest is also the loudest.

When we disagree with each other or have the occasional argument, it doesn’t last long.  If someone says something negative about one of us, then the Irish temper comes out.  Yes, we can have the occasional spat or sharp words but we don’t want to hear it from others.

We are notorious for sharing things.  Everytime a big clean up or small reorganization happens, we give each other first dibs.  It is not unusual for me to pull up to my mom’s with a bag of clothes and assorted goodies for my sisters to rifle through.  After a major purge at home, I swung by three days in a row with things.  My sister was all excited about the new treasures but also because something she gave me came back to her.

Like it or not, when you have a sister, things will be brought up.  It is a piece of your childhood that never goes away.  They can remind you of things you did when you were 5 years old like it was yesterday, and all of a sudden, you can see the ponytails, and the dolls and the old decor.  It brings you back.

One of my favourite photos of the three of us was taken about two years ago.  We always fight over who will sit in my mom’s gliders in the kitchen.  If one gets up, the other tries to grab it.  At one point my mom had 3 and we were sitting side by side.  My youngest sister made a teasing comment, and I pretended to grab her neck as my older sister giggled.  That sums up a sisterly relationship.  You can love them dearly but sometimes want to wring their necks.

No matter where we go in life, or what roads we travel, I will always have my sisters to keep me grounded.  They remind you where you come from, what you overcame and are a piece of you. To my sisters, I love you dearly, and that won’t change no matter where we end up.

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